Thursday, May 5, 2011


Its been a good while since Ive written. partly due to a broken wrist and partly due to a change in lifestyle.  the wrist does make it hard to type, I am typing this with one hand, not that it cant be done, just that it is hard when you are used to two hands!!! cooking, cleaning,and laundry have become interesting as well.  I am learning to ask for help, or just take it when its offered.  Its been good for me to see people genuinely want to help, without any gain for themselves, this is helping me see love.  I'm learning to give thanks no matter what, and in the small things.God is good all the time, and if you don't know, He loves you so much, no matter what you have done, he will forgive you, just ASK! i pray today that God would reveal himself to you in a big way. Have a wonderfully blessed day, and as long as He is the center, everyday is a Good day.