Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day

I know I am not the only mother not 100% thankful for the kids being home 2 days in a row. Maybe it's because they have barely been back from Christmas break, maybe its because I grew up in the north and this weather wasn't that big of deal, maybe its because the 5 yr old isn't great with huge change. Whatever it is I am ready for them to go back.
We enjoyed the snow on Monday, made snow angels, "painted" the snow with food coloring, and had a mini snowball fight. Yesterday, we went "exploring" and found icicles to draw with. Today, I needed to get back to "normal". So much for that, I did play Wii bowling, & played dollhouse with bubba, let my daughter be entirely lazy, did some laundry, so I guess the days really weren't bad after all. It is all about perspective. Today was a great day. God is good & we are so blessed.
But they better have school tomorrow!!!!! :-)
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  1. I'm with you. It hasn't been terrible, but the oldest has had two meltdowns today all because of the change in routine! It's time for them to go back to school!!!!

  2. Hey, love the look of your blogsite....of course, it is people running! ;)
    Snow days..don't have them here. But, this rain and cold makes we wish we'd have them. I don't have the best attitude when I have to go and pick up kids in the rain...(I don't drive, I walk).
    Remember when we used to check each other on our focus? You actually still remind me every time you post on FB. I stop and think about it and have to change my attitude. Thanks! ;)