Saturday, January 15, 2011


I love to read, I always have a books overflowing from my nightstand. I have books piled in my favorite reading spots. I have book shelves in the open for all to see my books, I have bookshelves in the closet with books on them. I do sell books online, so that may be helpful or not! The good thing, my kids love to read. I was cleaning out under the sink in my daughters bathroom, I found 11 books! She is the kid who we ground from reading. My son loves to read, yes he can read some, but really loves to be read to. When he comes home from school on library day, we read the book ASAP. We then have to reread it until it is the day to return it. Don't even think about returning it to the library without reading it. He will pay the fines himself just to make sure the book has been read. Going to the public library, we check out around 25 books each time just for him.(Oh and BTW my husband knows how to read!) I read my son a book the other day about Penguins in poem form, I am going to share one of them here: REGURGITATE Its been one whole hour since I ate. Why is my dinner always late? While you and Mom procrastinate, I might become a featherweight. You know what I'd appreciate? Cough it up Dad! Regurgitate by Judy Sierra I just thought this was really funny and gives you an idea of my personality! My thought for this blog was not just about books and how much my family likes to read, but really about what you and I read, why we read it, and what we do with information we get from reading. I love knowledge. I love to learn, I soak up information, but sometimes I forget to discern. I do research on the internet, but forget sometimes that some articles are opinion, not necessarily fact. Or sometimes its half truth with a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The same is true of nonfiction books, some are very factual, statistical, contain truth about the subject matter. Some are mostly true with the authors opinion sprinkled throughout. some are absolute truth, and thats it. As far as fiction we know it is not truth, but sometimes long for it to be truth. We see the characters as friends or family and sometimes become envious of their lives. My point? No matter what you read take time to discern what is written, take time to think, to really think, about what you're reading and how it may affect you. Your actions taken from what you read could easily affect others around you as well. Recently I took an article as absolute truth, when in reality it wasn't and my actions could have caused some change around our house, by the grace of God it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The only book that can be taken as absolute truth is the Word of God. I don't care if you don't agree, this is my blog, but also because I know the Savior I also know the truth!
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